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Adult Program

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are the fastest and most efficient way to learn to dance.  Every person comes to dance with a different set of strengths and weaknesses, and in a one-on-one setting the instructor is able to teach to those specifically.  We recommend private lessons for dancers working toward competition, a wedding dance, or simply wanting to improve their dance skills in a one-on-one environment.

You are welcome to come by yourself, or bring a partner and split the price.

Newcomer, Beyond Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced group class series:

Group classes are designed to teach basic technique, lead-follow skills, and musicality. They are available to everyone, although instructor permission is required for advanced group classes. The classes focus on repetition as a means of learning both the pattern and improving balance, coordination, and leading/following skills. Leading and following skills allow you to dance with confidence in a social dance setting.

Although group classes are designed to be taken in a series, it is not always possible to attend every class. Every week we review material from the previous weeks before learning new figures. This ensures that new students or students that missed a previous week are not left behind. The amount of material covered in a class vairies, depending on the size of the class and the skill levels of its participants.

Newcomer group classes are the most cost efficient way to learn to dance.  Classes are just $7 if you pay by the month, or $9 if you drop in to a single class.

Students typically remain in their current level until they've taken approximately 5 group class series of any style.  That is just a guideline~ it is up to your discretion, and depends on how much of a challenge you want to take on!  Talk to your instructor if you are wondering what classes to take next.

You are welcome to come by yourself ~ we rotate in class, so you will have lots of people to dance with!

Technique Classes
Instead of learning patterns, these classes focus on the "how" of dancing.  We work on drills and individual movements, breaking dance down to it core elements.  These classes are ongoing, so you are welcome to join at any time.  These classes are for anyone dancing 3 months or more.

Competition Classes
These are for current competive dancers or those interested in competing in the future. These classes will teach you the ins and outs of the competition floor. For Ballroom and Latin Styles a partner is required. For West Coast Swing, no partner is necessary.