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Wedding Dance Choreogrphy

Your first dance as husband and wife should be a highlight of your wedding and a reflection of your relationship.

It is a symbol of your new life together, and will be the first of many happy memories. Some fortunate couples even discover that dancing becomes a shared life-long hobby.

At UpTown Ballroom, we provide a relaxed, comfortable environment in which to prepare for your first dance. Bring us your selected song and we will design a memorable and unique first dance. We look forward to helping you create a special memory on your wedding day!

Q: How many lessons will I need to get ready for my wedding dance?

A: It depends how advanced you would like your dance to be!  The average number of private wedding dance lessons couples take is five.  Private lessons are the quickest way to learn your dance. You and your fiancé will receive 100% personal attention from one of our professional instructors, who will provide you with specialized choreography. We offer a five lesson package, complete with original choreography, for wedding couples at $325. For more information on wedding dances, click here. Email us your song in your inquiry, and we will design a memorable first dance!

Q: How do I book my five lesson package?

A: Typically we schedule one lesson per week for five weeks. We offer private lessons seven days a week to meet your scheduling needs. Contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone at (503) 740-3838 to schedule your lessons.
Q: When should we begin taking lessons?

A: As soon as possible. The earlier you start, the more time you have to practice and become familiar with your choreography. The more practiced the dance, the more you will impress your guests and family on your wedding day! As an added bonus, you may fall in love with dancing! After all, you and your new spouse can continue to dance long after your special day has passed.
Q: What should I wear to my wedding dance lessons?

A: Everyday clothes that are easy to move in are perfect. Thin-soled dress shoes will work if you don't have ballroom shoes. The bride may want to take the lessons in her shoes for the wedding day (or ones that are similar), so that she gets used to dancing in them.

Q: What should I expect in my first private wedding dance lesson?

A: Our professional instructor will listen to your wedding song and determine which dance style fits your music. Most wedding songs are typically waltzes, swings, or nightclub two-steps. If you have not selected a wedding song but would prefer a specific dance style, our instructor can assist you in choosing a wedding song.

After selecting your dance style and music, we will teach you a choreographed pattern appropriate to your experience level. At the end of your lesson we will review the pattern and, if necessary, write the pattern down so that you can practice it at home. We strongly encourage you to practice, even if it's only for a few minutes a night in your living room.

Q: We're so excited about learning to dance! How can we schedule a group lesson for our rehearsal dinner or reception so that all of our family and friends can learn to dance too?

A: Let us know during your private lesson if you would be like to schedule a group lesson for your rehearsal dinner or reception. We will need to know the date of event, event location, time of event, size of dance area, time desired for group lesson, and the style of dance desired for group lesson.

We also offer full costume professional shows, perfect for your wedding reception. If you would like a professional show, please indicate to your instructor the time desired for professional show, and styles of dance desired for professional show. Please also include any special requests, including costuming requests, special dances or themes, or specific music requests.